The MATT Cloud is now closed.

The MATT Cloud is now closed.

Please visit https://mattcloud.co/main/members-directory/
And search for your company’s system by country.

Click your logo to go to the login page. If you are not sure of your password click forgot password
Your password will be sent to you in a simple email. If your email address is not found please email me your details at paul@mattcloud.co and I will add you to your system.

If your company is not listed under your country of operation then we will add a base (free) system for your company. This may take 24-48 hours after receiving your email

The MATT Cloud program will then be found inside your company’s system. You can add as many employees to your own system as you wish.

Please contact me at paul@mattmovingsystems.com

If you do not find access to certain company’s rates, please take a look at the following instructions.

How to get access to other companies’ Rates via The MATT Cloud

With the start of this new version you will now find The MATT Cloud as function inside your MATT 2.0 system. There is no need to login to any other locations on the web just your own company’s system.

If you find you do not have access to a certain company’s rates then contact them and ask them to approve your profile from their contact information provided in the MATT directory.

Steps to do this

1. Click MATT Directory
2. Search by Company or Country
3. Only full members will have rates in the system
4. Send an email from the directory asking them to approve you.
5. Once they approve your profile, the system will create a notification email that you now have access to find the rates within the MATT Cloud.

The change over will take some time, but we are hopeful you will find the service quick and easy.
Our goal is to centralize the process for all agents and reduce the time to getting your rate information.

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Creating a Free User Profile will allow you to find instant rate information from all moving companies using The MATT Online Quoting System.

Top Reasons for using The MATT Cloud.

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