How to get started

There are a few easy steps to find out if MATT is right for you and your company. At no time do we ask for any money upfront to get the process started and you may walk away at any time in the set up process without any cost to you or your organization.

Step 1

Ask yourself these 2 questions. Do you believe that the internet is affecting the way we do business in the International moving market? If yes, then are using the internet to your full advantage? If No then MATT is a tool you should learn about.

Step 2

Read the charges for using the MATT system for set up and monthly hosting fees. There is a cost for everything and MATT is designed to help you save money!

Step 3

Terms and conditions for the MATT system.

For the terms and conditions we define the follow 3 parties.

Provider of the software is known as (MATT)

The moving company that is using the system to provide rates to their clients is known as (The Mover)

The person entering the system to find pricing for their pricing needs is known as (The Client)

All access to the rates within your MATT system can only be seen by The Clients, The Mover grants access to. At no time will any unauthorized individuals (Clients) have access The Mover's information.

The exclusive right to add or delete Clients to the system at any time The Mover requires.

At no time can the MATT remove the system from The Mover if monthly payments are made and all data will be held in the system for 6 months by MATT if The Mover decides to discontinue the service. If after that point The Mover returns to the system then new set up costs would apply.

The rates generated and provided are not the responsibility of the MATT system but the responsibility of The Mover entering and owning the information.

The rates provided by the system must be honored for a stated period of time in The Mover's company conditions, therefore the system will be trusted for all Clients for any other company around the world.

All testing should be done on the demo site before going live and our MATT representative will work with you, The Mover, at no additional cost until the rates generated are correct and you are satisfied.

The program is not sold to The Mover and is never the property of The Mover that the website using the system.

There are features of the system that will be unique to The Mover but the basic program for each country will be the same. It is the responsibility of MATT to design a system that covers the unique differences of each country and these development costs will be covered by the MATT system not The Mover within that country.

All upgrades in the future will done at no additional cost. New additional programs providing different solutions for the moving industry will be offered at additional costs and are completely up to The Mover if used or not.

The system can be provided to any number of Movers around the world, with multiple Movers offering the system in the same country.

All fees will be paid online via recognized credit cards 3 days before the beginning of the next month for monthly payers and 3 days before the New Year for people wishing to pay on an annual basis. If transaction is not completed successfully the link from your website to the system will be shut down by MATT

For Movers that have the system, their company's information will be posted in the MATT Moving Systems website directory for other Client to find you, so they can request access to Mover's system to find rates.

Step 4

Fill in the request form to have one of our consultants contact you

There are 2 costs for the MATT system to have it up and running for your organization. The set up cost is $450.00 to upload your program from the demo version to the live program on your website. The DEMO version is where the MATT team works with you and your company to make it function the way you require to meet your quoting needs. Only when you are satisfied with the MATT product customized within our structure, will we bring the system from DEMO status to live status. After that point each month there is a $95.00 charge to maintain and host your MATT system. If your MATT system covers additional countries then it is additional $45.00 a month for up to 4 additional countries, and then $15.00 for every additional country per month.

The charges for the 1st year if prepaid, once the system is up and running, will receive 1 month free if paid at the same time as the setup fee. There is no charge per user or no additional cost based on the number of quotes provided by the MATT system. At no time are we selling the software just